GStar Teebird Plus Yellow 176
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 GStar Teebird Plus Yellow 176

Price: $15.99

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Here's what Nite-Ize has to say about this one... although I have my reservations about point #5.

With a simple hole punch (included in every package) any golf disc can be instantly retrofitted with the Flashflight Hole-In-One, an LED module that emits bright light with a quick press of the button. This ingenious little device makes it easy—and a lot more fun—to keep the game going from dusk to dawn. The Hole-In-One is water-resistant, powered by a long-lasting, fully replaceable lithium battery, lightweight and fully balanced, so it won't interfere with the performance of your disc. The innovative design allows for bright LED illumination, while remaining securely fastened during play. See you on the fairways!

Press once for steady glow, twice for flash mode. (Also functions as an excellent locating device when a gust from the gods sends your disc into the spinach.)


  • Bright White LED illumination
  • Easily replaceable batteries included – 2x 2016 3V Lithium
  • Easily retrofits any disc golf disc
  • 10g – lightweight
  • Will not alter flight characteristics
  • Flash or Glow Modes