Policies at Marshall Street

Updated 4/17/2013

Refunds on Products

You can get a full refund on defective goods anytime. We may ask you to return the product in question, or send us a picture of it, but only when we need proof in order to get our own refund from the manufacturer. In general, however, if we make a mistake on your order we'll fix it, without further inconveniencing you.
You can also get a full refund on any product that's still new but you decide to return for whatever reason. You'll only have to pay any extra shipping charges.

Live Inventory Means Exact Color & Weight

We have live inventory (as of November 1, 2009), and don't have to use vague weight and color options. Our customers can now choose the exact weight and color of any disc we have in stock. If we send you the wrong disc, or make any other mistake that affects you, we'll fix the problem in your favor.

Shipping Within the United States

Shipping is free on all domestic orders (outside Alaska & Hawaii) on all orders over $50. For orders under $50, we charge a flat rate $6.99 shipping fee. Shipping on international orders is calculated by weight.

We use the Post Office’s Priority Mail (1 to 3 days within the US) on most orders. We use UPS Ground when on larger packages when it’s cheaper. All our baskets ship for free directly from the manufacturer, and are delivered in nearly all cases by UPS or Fedex.

Your Privacy

We will not share your email, snail mail, name, phone numbers, or any other information with anybody at all, except the people who work here and need to know your information to ship your order. We do collect customer e-mail addresses for our own electronic newsletter, which you can unsubscribe from at any time.