Special Pink Discs

Here at Marshall Street we have more names for pink than eskimoes have for snow. Maybe that’s a little exaggerated. We’ve actually trimmed down our pink disc colors (or pinkiISH) synonyms to Hot Pink, Magenta, Light Pink, Dull Pink, Bad Pink, Pinkish (when we just can’t decide), Almost Pink, Mauve (i.e. Bad Pink), Pink Orange, and probably still a few more.

We did finally rid ourselves of Peptobismol, Fuschia, Neon Pink and, I hope, Reddish Pink.

Anyway, when we find a pink disc that’s some special pink, one that either transcends our pink vocabulary or a mold/plastic combo that rarely becomes a pink disc, we put it into Special Pink Discs, and make it its own separate product.

Disc golfers early on were cool with pink, which is decidedly a feminine color. Throwing pink discs is in fact a declaration that we are secure in our masculinity, while also showing our sensitive side.

Chicks dig that.

Plus pink discs are pretty, and very easy to find. You might want to say a neon yellow or neon green frisbee golf disc is easier to find but not in grass.

My Revolution disc golf bag is pink, and holding up splendidly after 10 years of sporadic play. One day when it was much newer and its pinkness brighter, I passed the UPS guy as I was going out for a round and he was dropping off big boxes of discs.

“Nice bag,” he said in a tone that seemed to add, “You fem.” We both cracked up. Yes sir, I wish more people thought pink discs were for fems, but the vast majority of disc golfers just don’t.

It’s a shame because I’d relish the opportunity to show my feminine side in the face of juvenile ridicule. It’s a special kind of basking.

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