2008 Japan Open DVD

For three decades, the global community has gathered on this island nation to celebrate the culture and competition of the Japan Open. Hosted at the majestic Nasu Shiobara golf resort in the Tochigi prefecture, the Japan Open provides a pallet of potent possibilities.

The 2008 edition of the Japan Open brought together many familiar faces as well as plenty of new participants. This Japan Open DVD chronicles much of the outstanding disc golf competition. You will get a birds-eye view of the stunning Nasu Shiobara disc golf course and watch throws from many of the players who embraced its challenge.

This DVD also features highlights from the festive Opening Ceremonies, plenty of smiles from Joe's Grill, the aerial acrobatics of the Ashley Whippet disc dog team, and a montage of the unique Japanese day trips that punctuated the end of every one's stay.