2012 inFlight Guide, Clearance

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This uses super secret math to figure everything out!

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Three years ago Brian Rogers, now 35, discovered disc golf. His dormant frisbee gene kicked in, and a new obsession was born. In his quest for knowledge about disc golf and its intricacies, he noticed how all of the existing flight charts either did not include all the discs or all the relevant data.

Brian began working on an algorithm that would calculate where each model of disc would land if thrown the same way from the same spot under exactly the same conditions. The idea developed into the inFlight Guide, around which the inbounds Disc Golf brand and website grew, along with a paperback version.  

Brian, who works as a health care financial management consultant by day, applies data from multiple sources, including 17 existing flight charts and rating systems, as well as field testing, to smooth out statistical quirks, potential bias, and other data-skewering anomalies.

The final product, the inFlight Guide, is, in our humble opinion, disc golf’s best and most comprehensive flight guide period.