X-Out Gold Line Saint Pro, Bur

The Saint Pro is prefect for players with higher arm speed.

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Continued from long description of X-Out Champion Aviar P&A

Anyway, they all had to fondle my perfect Barbie breasts, and boy was I okay with that, though they drew the line at letting me reciprocate. And it was all fun and it was all good, and these little Halloween gender-bending adventures seemed to be the extent of my little cross-dressing history, with the moral of the story going no deeper than, well, it’s really fun to dress up as a woman.

Then a strange thing happened, probably because I stopped smoking pot and drinking beer at the end of last year. I realized I had forgotten a whole huge 15-year cross-dressing phase, namely my ultimate frisbee years from the early 1980s to the mid 1990s, where men’s teams often donned skirts and blouses at nearly every tournament, generally just for one game. A first it was a hoot. The Rude Boys of Boston, one of the first defense-minded powerhouses of ultimate, would generally pick one game to dress like girls. They certainly weren’t the first, but soon it was commonplace for men’s teams to play one game a tournament dressed as women, and if you were going to do it properly, you’d put on lipstick and eye-shadow, too…continued in long description of SuperColor ESP Glow Buzzz.

Saint Pro

Saint Pro Flight Chart

Control Driver

Speed: 8Glide: 5Turn: -0.5Fade: 2See ALL our Saint Pros


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