MVP was founded by Brad and Chad Richardson, two Michigan disc golfers whose father happened to own and operate an injection molding company.

The brothers decided to become the first major disc golf manufacturer to make exclusively overmolded discs. They’ve since entered the realm of single-piece discs as well.

Taking advantage of having a ready-made injection molding plant, Brad and Chad founded MVP Disc Sports and began introducing overmolds in 2009 with the Ion putter, and in 2010 with the Vector midrange. They’ve maintained a blistering pace ever since, and currently have 45 MVP molds and Axiom, its sister company, has 24 (as of this writing, March 2022).

MVP, themselves the overmold kings, also produce overmolds for Axiom. Axiom overmolds are unique in that the brims come in colors as well as the flight plates, whereas MVP overmolds are all either black or white brimmed. MVP also manufactures single-part discs for Streamline, and also for Thought Space Athletics, and Mint Discs. The reach and popularity of each of these companies continues to soar higher and higher as time goes on.

It’s product offerings include a full line of bags, practice baskets, clothing, and practically every disc golf accessory you can think of. Metal Minis? Check. Lanyards? Check. Fidget Spinners? Check.

MVP became the primary sponsor of James Conrad in 2021. On hole 18 of the world championships of that year, James Conrad threw in a 247-foot shot with an Axiom Envy to tie Paul McBeth for the lead. The shot was subsequently called the shot heard round the world. One hole into the playoff, Conrad become the first MVP sponsored MPO World Champion.

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