Midrange Drivers

Midrange Drivers. Where do we start? Used to be the main choices were between a Roc and a Shark, and you were a rebel if you threw a Shark.

Blink and it’s 20 years later and it’s the Roc vs Buzzz, with many models not far behind, with every other company scrambling to produce the next go-to Midrange Drivers, patterned after the Buzzz, which was patterned after the Roc.

Look at the technical stats and there’s simply no denying that every manufacturer has its own version of the Roc, and that’s the Truth, preferably the Emac version.

So there are hundreds of midrange driver molds, multiplied by the number of plastics and slightly altered versions.

If you have to play with a single disc, use one of these.

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Showing 1–12 of 773 results