Kastaplast is a Swedish manufacturer who appeared in 2013 on the PDGA’s list of approved discs, and currently makes the following models: Berg, Falk, Grym, Grym X, Kaxe, Kaxe Z, Rask, Reko and Stål. This represents your basic arsenal, the fastest (Grym and Rask) measure in at only 2.2 cm in rim width, meaning there’s likely still more to come.

Kastaplast most distinctive disc, the Berg putter sports a spoiler-like thumb track around the top outer edge, and is very overstable. Their most unique disc, the Rask, has a second rim on the bottom. It’s crazy fast and just as overstable. We tested it and, well, it has zero glide and unstoppable fade.

When we test discs, even drivers, we throw them back and forth and often catch them. Not this one. Not without a catcher’s mitt. A catcher’s mask, too, if you’ve got one.

The company’s advanced technological approach to disc design employs 3D printing, computer flight simulations and wind tunnel testing.

Overall their discs are impressive. Flawlessly molded, too.

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