Discraft has a number of things going for it. It doesn’t try to get too big, regularly removing models from production as it adds new ones.

It’s also amazingly consistent, known for purchasing its plastic from regular suppliers, rather than playing the plastic market with odd batches that are more likely to result in two of the same disc in the same weight, color and plastic flying differently.

Truth is, when it comes to producing high-quality frisbee golf discs, there is indeed a little bit of brain surgery involved.

Plus the Discraft Ultrastar, itself an enhancement of the Wham-O 165, had many copycats that came after it, and yet remains the standard for ultimate — that OTHER frisbee sport.

From a business standpoint, the difference between ultimate and disc golf is that in the former, 14 people play with 1 disc, and in the latter 1 person plays with 14 discs. There must be a smoother way to say that.

Anyway, Discraft has been around forever; Founded in 1979 by PDGA Hall of Famer Jim Kenner, its first golf disc, the Phantom, was approved in 1983. Today the Phantom would be considered an approach disc, maybe even a putter.

Every year Discraft holds its Ace Race tournament, held at multiple locations across the United States, where contestants receive a players pack that includes, among other Discraft items, a new not-yet-released Discraft disc — always a brand new model. Players try to hit aces from shortened tees. The Discraft Ace Race helped create the template for multi-venue promotional disc golf events used by most manufacturers today.

Players get a bag of disc golf stuff that includes a disc or discs, play a small entrance fee, and play some alternate “fun” format.

Discraft discs come in a wide variety of colors and weights. Maybe the only company that offers such a wide range of weights on such a wide range of discs in all sorts of plastics (except Titanium) besides Innova. Awwwwwww, right at the end I wrecked it.

Discraft also offers the Chainstar basket, the Chainstar Lite, the usual accessories like disc golf bags, hats, shirts, minis, stickers etc.

Great company we like working with them a lot.

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