Discraft is one of the largest and most popular disc golf brands on the market. They were Innova’s primary source of competition for many years.

Discraft maintains a high level of consistency in their discs run to run. They’re known for purchasing their plastic from regular suppliers, rather than playing the plastic market with odd batches that are more likely to result in two of the same disc in the same weight, color, and plastic flying differently.

Plus, the Discraft Ultrastar, itself an enhancement of the Wham-O 165, had many copycats that came after it, and yet remains the standard for ultimate — that OTHER frisbee sport.

From a business standpoint, the difference between ultimate and disc golf is that in the former, 14 people play with 1 disc, and in the latter 1 person plays with 14 discs. There must be a smoother way to say that.

Discraft was founded in 1979 by PDGA Hall of Famer Jim Kenner. Discraft’s first disc golf disc, the Phantom, was approved in 1983. Today, the Phantom would be considered an approach disc, maybe even a putter.

More recently, Discraft spiked in popularity by signing Paul McBeth. Discraft proposed a 10-year-$10-million-dollar sponsorship deal with McBeth, which set a new precedent for sponsorship payouts within the sport. The deal also put into production a new line of Paul McBeth designed Discraft discs which became immensely popular. That line includes the Luna, Zeus, Anax, Hades, and Malta.

Discraft is also known for their yearly run of special releases, produced in support of the Ledgestone Insurance Open. These Ledgestone releases feature discs made in exciting and rare plastic blends, and also discs that are no longer produced by Discraft in stock runs.

Discraft offers the Chainstar basket, the Chainstar Lite, the usual accessories like disc golf bags, hats, shirts, minis, stickers etc.

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