Have you ever owned a mini? I have. It’s thrilling. A lot of people don’t even know what minis are for. Any level of competitive disc golf will require the use of a mini to mark the lie of your throw.

Outside of disc golf, Minis are good for a bunch of stuff! Chair scratching that nice hardwood? Throw a mini under the legs. Cold glass of lemonade leave rings on your oak table? Use a mini as a coaster. They even make minis the perfect size to clip on top of a soda or beer can. And on top of all that, they even make minis that you can throw.

Minis are produced by all different brands. From Dynamic Discs, Prodigy, Axiom, Innova, Discraft to Gateway and many more!

In fact, Gateway was the first to produce a throw able mini when they came out with the Lil Wizard. Although they were big enough to throw, they were too big to be PDGA approved for a mini marker. In recent days there has been many new throwable minis produced by other manufacturers that are the perfect size to still fly, and are PDGA approved. For example, Discraft’s Mini Z Buzz or Dynamic Disc’s Judge junior.

Go get yourself some minis! There are minis out there for anyone and everyone. But if you’re anything like me, you’re going to want a few spare minis laying around. Like the Bic lighter, they may be easily misplaced or pocketed by your friends.

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