1st Run

1st Run discs are new models released, in most cases, with a special stamp that indicates or explicitly states 1st Run (or 1st Flight, etc). A great example of a first run is one with the coveted Innova Star Stamp.

Sometimes companies overdo it, and their 1st Run frisbee golf discs wait on the shelf, forlorn and underappreciated.

But when the hype is right, and the model is highly anticipated, like the 10 Year Buzzz, orders can come in so fast they break our website. Actually, they’d break our OLD website, since it was held together with Shoe Glue and duct tape.

Some companies come out with a “Prototype,” which is a small run that precedes the 1st Runs. Dynamic Discs goes even farther. When they launch a new model, the first people to get it are the players on one of the teams — Dynamic Discs or Latitude 64. They get to show everybody who’s not on a Trilogy team what they can’t have.

A couple weeks later, companies like Marshall Street, which are part of Dynamic Discs Buyback Program, get, I think, 10 of the new discs in a special edition. These can only be sold in our store and not off our website.

THEN Dynamic Discs releases their First Runs. By then, potential fans are salivating, and the hype has reached a flesh-buzzzing frenzy.

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Showing 1–12 of 86 results