Daredevil Discs

Daredevil Discs is a Canadian company and they used to make each of their models in one specific color. I told them that that is a great way to sell very few discs, and it took them years to heed my advice.

The guy who runs it is named Wah, and over the years he’s mellowed to the point of being able to put up with me. I wrote in one newsletter long ago that we love to make fun of Canadians, since they’re the one last group of people it’s okay to be prejudiced against.

We also get the impression that Wah is Asian, which adds a layer of absurdity to making fun of Canadians in general while specifically ridiculing Daredevil Discs. It should be noted that Marshall Street has had two Asian employees, and we were racist to them, too.

It was great. I reviewed one of their discs that came out, the max distance Sasquatch, adding, “Available in any color and weight you want provided you want 178 Neon Yellow.” Ha ha ha. Things have changed since then: now it’s also available in 179 Neon Yellow. Some companies never disappoint.

Daredevil has expanded its stable over the years:

Albatross, Beaver, Bigfoot, Bighorn, Buffalo, Caribou, Gamedisc, Gray Jay, Great Horned Owl, Grizzly, Mammoth, Merlin, Moose, Ogopogo, Polar Bear, Pteranodon, Sabertooth, Sasquatch, Swift Fox, Timberwolf, Walrus, Wolverine, Woodchuck, Yeti

And Daredevil Discs has added additional colors to many of its molds, though nothing like 12 different colors for every disc like the big guns produce.

Both the Timberwolf and Wolverine are excellent 1.8 cm control drivers made out of plastic that seems virtually indestructible.

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