By 2013, when I wrote this review, Chinese manufacturer Yikun Discs had launched six disc golf models so far: The Da’E, Jun, Yao, Talon, View and Wings.

The Talon is a frisbee-shaped putter similar to the Birdie or Rattler. The Wings is a slow, straight approach disc. The View is a neutral control driver like the Prodigy F3 or Cyclone. All three come in Yikun’s entry-level plastic called Tiger.

The Yao, a very overstable “meathook” midrange, is the company’s only offering so far in translucent urethane-based plastic called Phoenix.

Dragon Line, an opaque mixture resembling Gold / Fuzion / Tournament Line, is reserved for the neutral Speed 10 Jun, and the fairly overstable Da’E, a Speed 13 driver for the power thrower.

We tested all of them. We liked all of them.

The discs are flawlessly molded, beautifully designed, and aerodynamically sound, with decent weight ranges. While these first runs are available in one or two colors, Yikun’s ambitious plans include expanding the color choices for each model.

Update – February 2018, Yikun introduced a bunch of other frisbee golf discs in 2014, and then no more until 2017, when it introduced two more, one a 2.4 cm driver. Now in 2018 already, they’ve produced another wide rimmed driver. I just asked for their order form, admitting I had forgotten about them for a little bit, so stay tuned.

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