Between 2013 and 2020, Yikun got PDGA approval for 23 golf discs which they manufacture themselves, in China. In 2021, they got 8 more approvals for discs we have yet to see hit the market (as of this writing, March 2022).

Yikun started out making most of their discs in a baseline plastic called Tiger. After introducing the premium plastics Phoenix and Dragon, it did not take them long for them to have most of their discs available in all three of these plastics.

They also are one of the few companies to be a part of overmold hysteria. They currently have three overmold discs: the Meteor Hammer, Tomahawk, and the popular Twin Swords distance driver which also comes in a special red and green watermelon edition.

Yikun has made huge strides as a golf disc manufacturer, and is continuing to expand its reach. Aside from making their own discs, they also manufacture Prodigy’s Ace Line and Discmania’s Active Line.

Their main niche seems to be that all the discs they make are aimed at newer players. Most of their arsenal lands on the understable side of our flight chart. The discs they make for Prodigy and Discmania are the same deal, and both companies brand them as a line of easily throw-able discs.

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