Based in New Zealand, RPM Discs used to go by its other identity, Disc Golf Aotearoa, and now they’re known as both. Similarly, all seven of their disc golf models have two names: Arcturus (MR1), Kahu (DGD2), Raptor (DGD1), Rippa (DGR1), Ruru (PA2), Temoko (DGR2), and Tui (PA1). All of these names are Maori names of birds.

Both the Piwakawaka (mid) and the Taniwah (fairway) are listed in the PDGA Approved Discs under different names.

The Taniwha was originally called the Raptor and is approved under DGD1 on the PDGA’s list of approved golf discs as of 23/08/06 .

DGD1 = Taniwha.

The Piwakawaka was originally called the Arcturus and is approved under MR1 on the PDGA’s list of approved golf discs as of 22/06/07 .

MR1 = Piwakawaka.

RPM’s most recent frisbee golf disc variations, the Kahu XG (more domey) and Kahu OS (very overstable) are both based on the 2.4 cm max distance Kahu, the New Zealand company’s farthest flyer.
Five of these RPM models were PDGA Approved in 2006 and 2007, and just two between 2015 and 2016. But RPM has made a huge jump in technology. Its discs are flawlessly molded, its designs are beautifully elaborate, and there are four plastics to choose from: Atomic (high-end solid color), Strata (entry level), Cosmis (metal flake translucent), and Magma, a putter plastic blend.

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