Atomic Kiwi

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Controllable Overstable fairway driver.

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Atomic is a premium tough grippy opaque plastic that comes in a range of stiffness and with a variety of colours and effects. This plastic is similar to Innova Star


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Hybrid Driver

Speed: 10Glide: 4Turn: 0Fade: 3.5See ALL our Kiwi Discs

1 review for Atomic Kiwi

  1. Baysinger

    Holy cow! I mean… holy bird! This disc is extremely overstable! If you are one of those players who HAVE to have an overstable version of the Firebird in your bag but don’t want to sell your non-throwing arm to get one, you need to grab a Kiwi! The newly retooled Kiwi is absolutely outstanding for a sidearm player. If you end up getting one of the older run Kiwi’s you will know with the first throw as they were originally designed to be understable. After RPM retooled it to make it overstable, it is the complete opposite end of the spectrum. It is great for sidearms, great on windy days, great for skips, and absolutely perfect for when you want to get around something. As for the feel in the hand, it is fairly similar in the hand to what an FX-2 feels like but without sharp edge that feels like you are going to require stitches after a full round with it. Most of the Kiwis I have seen are super flat on the top and while they are a 10 speed, they will still fit that slot of a Firebird, FX-2, or Felon because of how OS it actually is. After putting the Kiwi in the bag, I will never have a need for a different OS Fairway or lower speed Distance Driver. This disc is pure beef!

    If you are interested in learning more about the Kiwi, please check out this playlist with videos all about the RPM Discs Kiwi:

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