Dynamic Discs

Last year, 2017, we sold more Trilogy discs — that’s the affiliated brands of Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs and Latitude 64 — than any other disc golf company including Innova.

This is remarkable, considering that Dynamic Discs didn’t have its own discs until 2012, and that Latitude 64’s first discs — including the aptly named Primitus — weren’t approved until 2006.

One big reason is Jeremy Rusco and his brother Jamie. Jeremy founded Dynamic Discs and forged a partnership with Latitude 64, a Swedish company that actually produces the discs for all three brands.

Jeremy is an aggressive marketer, and while Dynamic Discs core product line remains frisbee golf discs, Trilogy has expanded beyond the usual line of disc golf accessories to embrace new ideas for disc golf branded items.

Dynamic Discs also ran PDGA Worlds in 2016. And the current Men’s and Women’s PDGA World Champions, Ricky Wysocki and Paige Pierce, are both sponsored by one of the Trilogy brands. Ricky is sponsored by Latitude 64, and Paige by Dynamic Discs. Both are encouraged to use discs from all three Trilogy brands.

Full Disclosure: Two current Marshall Street employees, Kyle Moriarty and Sam Henderson, are on one of Latitude 64’s teams.

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