A Goobered golf disc, in Marshall Street parlance, is a disc that’s got something wrong with it, something that makes it worse and therefore a couple bucks cheaper than an X-Out, which by contrast possesses merely cosmetic flaws, usually with the stamp.

A Goobered disc is sometimes scratched. Other times it has a dimple or a bump or it’s peeling, or it’s got a pinhole in it.

We imagine a customer opening a box o discs from us and seeing the flaw and being disappointed. And we’d like to avoid that.

So on all our goobers we point out and describe the flaw, honesty being, as always, the best policy.

Unless you’ve committed a heinous crime, like murder or flicking butts on the ground. In such cases, where you’ve leapt way over an ethical red line, you best keep quiet about it.

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