The eternal disc golf question: Which putter to use?

Every year there are more models of golf discs and this is particularly true of putters. The crazy thing is it’s all in our head, and our heads are constantly seeking the perfect putter, which doesn’t exist unless and until we start putting perfectly.

Don’t know about you but, personally speaking, I’m still waiting on that. Started with an Aviar and switched to the Wizard after Cameron Rauenhorst came to Borderland State Park in Massachusetts in the early 2000s. He won the whole shebang handily, and in his awards speech he said he threw only Gateway.

“Let me see those,” we said.

So I switched to the Wizard and have remained almost perfectly faithful to the Wizard ever since. Okay I had brief and meaningless dalliances with both the Prodigy PA3 and the Dynamic Discs Judge, but I’ve confessed those and they’re in my past now.

Still, it’s easy to periodically forget how to putt, since putting can be a good barometer of your general psyche.

Here are some tips that sometimes help:

  • Keep staring at the spot you’re aiming for AFTER you putt.
  • Make sure your putting motion is always accelerating from start to release.
  • Follow through by reaching your hand toward the basket with outstretched arm.
  • Relax.

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