Clearance is the aisle of misfit discs. Discs that for some reason have lost their luster, and need to be sold to make room for more exciting stuff.

We buy a boatload of Gateway X-Outs, and it’s sad but true that X-Out putters that fall below the weight of 170 have a tendency of accumulating. Then again, it’s exactly the lightweight inexpensive putters that are perfect for gym classes, summer camps, and corporate outings that involve frisbee and all it’s competitive (and less competitive) incarnations.

The best thing about Clearance, however, is the price.

For us, Clearance is where we put all the discs we’re sick of looking at. Ones we hate almost personally for no real reason except for weird thoughts in our head. Then there are discs that won’t sell at normal prices which we also consider, basically, lesser discs.

I don’t want to say “bad” disc, since there’s no such thing. Except when we, with our thoughts, make them so. The TBone, for example, is pretty bad. It’s not that fast, and it fades abrupty at some specific speed in its deceleration. And we never did figure out precisely what that speed was.

TBone is one of those discs that has Clearance written all over it. Not literally — it actually has “TBone” on it, but you know what I mean.

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