Prodigy Disc leapt into disc golf manufacturing in 2013 with the idea of sponsoring most of the world’s best players and, in turn, their endorsement would propel the company forward.

Founded by disc golfers, most notably Michael Sullivan and David Greenwell, Prodigy sought to help disc golf become a profession that allowed the best players to support themselves through their winnings and their endorsements.

In its first year Prodigy scooped up most of the best players, including 2X USDGC Champ Will Schusterick, who’s still with the team.

It’s still going, but that idealistic euphoria that boosted Prodigy Disc initially, eventually began to fade into the sober reality of many Prodigy players signing more lucrative contracts with other companies. So in that sense at least, Prodigy WAS successful.

The Prodigy team still maintains modest growth, periodically adding to its arsenal, while continuing to sponsor players at all levels.

Its disc naming convention is easy to understand: It’s first distance drivers, for instance, were named D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5. The higher the number the more understable the disc.

The brand has a full arsenal of every type of disc, and continues to fill the ever-shrinking gaps in its line.

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