Signature Discs

Signature Discs fall into two main categories. The first type is when manufacturers create special runs of discs molded to meet a specific player’s requests, debut a new plastic, celebrate a big tournament victory, or welcome them to a new team. These batches are smaller and typically more expensive.

Some examples include Opto-X Saint Pro, JohnE McCray (John E McCray), S-Line PD2, Swirly McMahon (Eagle McMahon), and Star Roadrunner, Holly Finley (Holly Finley).

The other kind of Signature Discs are regularly-priced stock discs that bear the name of a player who’s won a world championship, or otherwise reaches the pinnacle of success. This superstar’s name can even become synonymous with a particular mold or the current run of that disc.

These discs are available all the time, and include the Lucid Convict, 4x Paige Pierce, Star Destroyer, Ricky Wysocki and Champion Teebird, Ken Climo.

Either way, a portion of every sale will directly support the player’s touring efforts. If you want to support a professional disc golfer and can’t offer couch space or fill their gas tank, buy a disc with their name on it.

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Showing 1–12 of 391 results