Way back in the day, maybe even before the day, the fastest disc on the market was something that we’d now consider to be a putter. The progression from that point in time to now is the reason that some low speed fairway drivers still say “Maximum Distance Driver” on them — they came out at a time before high speed drivers, when that was true.

There are many different classifications for discs now. I believe we have it narrowed down to putters, approach discs, mid ranges, fairway drivers, hybrid drivers, and distance drivers. So, you may ask, what is an approach disc if not a putter or a mid range?

Approach discs are typically low speed, somewhere between 3 and 5, and are usually very overstable. So while some of these discs are technically slow enough to be considered putters, and some might even say “Putt and Approach” on them, they’re not really for putting as much as approaching. These discs typically become a “go-to” for forehand players specifically.


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