Innova offshoot hit disc golf’s radar in 2007 and 2008 with the release of six models, the MD1, CD Craze, P1 Maniac, P2 Psycho, and PD Freak. All of these new Discmania models came out in mostly high-end plastic, and all the ones with two names sported fabulous hot stamps.

Established in 2006 by Jussi Meresmaa, Discmania started in Europe but soon teamed up with Innova, which manufactures Discmania discs.

Discmania is currently represented on both sides of the pond, with headquarters in both Finland and California.

Dual names for each disc — something that attracted players to the brand — would eventually become confusing. The FD was also the Jackal, or FD Jackal. In 2014, Discmania stopped giving their discs their double names, and launched discs such as the FD2, P1x, DDx, P3x, etc. All the models are unique, while also clearly made by the manufacturing experts at Innova.

Nevertheless, now in 2018, Discmania products have been removed from the Innova East and Innova West order forms, and the new distribution operation, run by Austin Montgomery, fulfills its own orders.

Discmania also sponsors players, and sells highly sought-after special edition signature discs that often sell for $30.

The company’s current lineup comprising 25 models incorporates several plastic mixtures that closely mirror Innova’s: Blizzard, DX(D-Line), Pro(P-Line), Champion(C-line), Star(S-Line), G-Star(G-Line) and XT(X-Line).

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