Nite Ize

Nite Ize got its foot (and fancy, lit key chains and carabiners) in our door with its Flashflight Discs. There’s an ultimate-size Flashflight, a Jr. version called, cleverly, the Flashflight Jr. and the Flashflight Mini, which is about 5″ in diameter.

Flashflight discs used to be one color but they figured out how to equip each disc with a versatile illuminated center that can either constantly run through a rainbow of colors one at a time, or keep the same color illuminated.

Great fun for recreational frisbee games at Ultimate or Disc Golf tournament parties. The fact that they glow is what they’re all about. Nite Ize is for people who don’t go to bed just because it got dark, but more for the nocturnal animal inside all of us.

Ideal for werewolves, vampires, and drunken disc golfers on the prowl.

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