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Tie-Dye Discs is one of disc golf’s biggest misnomers, meaning the name is wrong. Tie-Dye refers to dyed clothing that you tie in knots for special tie-dye effects.

Tie-Dye Discs should be called spin dyes, because you get the disc spinning and drop various colors of dye and types of dye onto it. It’s quite a science, and not one that just anyone can do.

Lately tie-dye discs have taken a little bit of a back seat to advancing techniques and technology in stencil dyes and SuperColor / DyeMax stamping. It’s no longer a big deal to put a photograph on any disc you want.

But the random beauty of “Tie-Dye Discs” has its own allure. They used to dye Star plastic and its counterparts but at some point these types of plastics were no longer capable of holding the dye for long.

Today Discraft, Innova and Trilogy offer Tie-Dye Discs in their transluscent urethane blends like Champion, Z and Opto / Lucid / VIP.


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