Fame starts with a sticker. If you’ve got an idea in the form of a slogan, statement, logo or meme, put it on a sticker.

Thoughts Become Things, Try Not To Hate People, We Weigh Every Disc, Disc Thieves Taste Like Chicken.

Whatever you can come up with you put it on a sticker, and you put it on a sticker first. Because it’s just the first step. Next you put it on a magnet or patch, and gradually climb the latter to hats, shirts, socks, koozies.

Basically you take your message and put it on everything, and then when you feel mentally ready to take your idea to its indelible conclusion, you get a tattoo of it.

My recommendation, however, is to skip all that and put the sticker on your body where you want the tattoo. You’re probably thinking that’s a dumb idea, and this whole piece of writing is dumb, and you’re right.

That’s my point. Once you’ve got your sticker stuck to your skin, you might realize it’s a dumb idea. Then you just pull it off.


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