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I gave a lesson on backhand driving to a father and son on Christmas Day a couple years ago and after it was over they bought a bunch of stuff. The dad said, “We can share a bag,” and, while I had no desire to hard sell them, it did seem prudent to point out to these neophytes that you can’t share a bag in disc golf cause you’ll shoot over there but you’ll son will shoot way over THERE, and you have just one bag. Sharing a disc golf bag simply does not work.

It’s one of those facts that’s actually true, and has a certificate of factuality to prove it. Okay THAT part is made up.

Every major disc golf company makes bags and straps for disc golf, and some of them do it better than others. In fact, the companies that make only bags make the best — and generally most expensive — bags of all.

Grip Bags, for instance, are pretty pricey and totally worth it. We sell them, but not on the Internet cause it’s not allowed. Unless its one of the Discraft Grip EQ BX bags ($230 to $250). One is a Buzzz bag and one is a Signature bag. In general disc golf bags cost between $30 and $300.

What you want to consider when purchasing a disc golf bag is:

1) How many discs do I want to carry?
2) What else must I carry?
3) How much do I want to spend?

Prodigy has a $30 backpack bag that’ll work. It carries about 15 discs, depending on how many beers you’re bringing on your round. It’s got some extra pockets but not too many. It’s the one we recommend to new players who want a backpack without breaking the bank.

We also have stand-alone backpack straps that transform regular, single strap bags into something that’s easier to carry and won’t result in a permanent body tilt to one side from carrying your bag over your shoulder.

We like Dynamic Discs Ranger bag for something higher end with higher capacity, and it comes in tons of colors/color combinations.

Maybe the least expensive BIG backpack bag is the Innova HeroPack Backpack at somewhere around $80. It can easily carry 20 discs and all the beverages you’ll need unless you drink like Gill in which case why not a Zuca Cart?

I actually bought a Zuca Cart before my knee operation and those work great. Sort of lost my mind accessorizing it to the point where there’s so many pockets you can’t find your weed. I think I wanted a Zuca Cart because I didn’t have two good knees. Now that I do, I don’t use the Zuca Cart anymore, but still, Zuca Carts are disc golf bags and straps on wheels, which is pretty cool.


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