Distance Drivers

So let’s talk about distance drivers. I once asked Steve Brinster, who’s sponsored I believe by Millennium, or still throws Millennium and is sponsored by Innova, How do you throw so far?

As he said there’s a lot to it, including which distance driver you’re throwing, but the one tip he gave was, during your three-step x-step on the backhand throw, have the heel of your foot pointing toward your target on the second step. This will help to turn the hips, and the hips are the thing that transfer the power of your legs into the speed of your arm.

Okay then.

Frisbee golf distance drivers are pretty much any period’s discs that fly the farthest. Right now all the brands are maxed out in terms of speed by the 2.5 cm limit on the width of the disc’s wing. And though most brand’s have one or more Speed 14 disc now, we skeptics at Marshall Street don’t believe it. We know that a Speed 14 distance driver is just a Speed 13 distance driver that goes farther in the wrong direction.

And the other thing about distance drivers and how far they’ll go and the rules of throwing? These are all completely different for different individuals.

What’s the Destroyer? Speed 12. I’m not going to sit here and lecture, but let’s just say that that’s a clue. And that throwing far has less to do with which disc you throw and more to do with how you throw it.

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