Dog Discs

I love dogs, have three of them, and the first thing I teach them is “Ball Good, Disc Bad.” It’s a simple lesson. I throw the disc and don’t let the dog fetch it. “No Ruby No!” Then throw the ball and reward the dog for fetching it. “Good girrrrrllllllllllll.”

When you live on a disc golf course and in the same house as a disc golf pro shop, and have dogs, it’s an important lesson. Ball Good, Disc Bad.

So it’s no real surprise that we don’t have a lot of dog discs, don’t specialize in them, and have never been called the Dog Disc Whisperer. But the best one, in my opinion, the Aerobie Dogobie, is made of tough, flexible rubber and, unlike almost every other disc, can’t be chewed apart by a dog.

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