The Disc Golf Association (DGA) was founded in 1976 by Ed headrick, who was one of the inventors of modern disc golf.

That was pretty much its zenith. It has introduced some of the sport’s most popular baskets, starting with the Mach I, followed by the Mach II, Mach III, Mach V (which the Chainstar is based on) and, today, the Mach X, which players either love or hate. It also came out with the first collapsible basket, the Mach Lite, which costs more than some of the all-metal practice baskets available today.

The Mach X represents a trend toward baskets with larger, more solid catching areas. Critics point out that the DGA’s Mach X favors faster putts, but rejects off-center putts with less speed.

The DGA also sells some discs, most of them produced by Discraft. It also sells a line of floppy putters, the most famous being the Blowfly.

The DGA, aside from being one of the major basket makers, is characterized by its limited selection, unjustifiably high prices, and horrendous customer service.

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