One of our specialties is X-Outs, which we get whenever they’re available from Innova, Discraft, Gateway and Trilogy.

By X-Outs, we mean discs with a messed-up stamp or other cosmetic blemishes on an otherwise perfectly good disc. If it has a dimple or other structural flaw, we either return it or put it into our Goobered category. Goobered discs have small yet genuine flaws, like a scratch, bump or indelible mark.

And we love X-Outs. They’re perfect if you’re going to throw them into one of Maple Hill’s ponds, anyway. Sometimes we get them in quantities in the thousands, to take advantage of, say, the availability of max weight Gateway putters, Emac Truths or Star Destroyers, to name a few.

Not only do they fly just as well as their higher priced stock-stamped counterparts, a lot of the time they’ll have a double stamp or a tournament stamp. The most boring ones have an X-Out Stamp.

Discraft’s Z X-Outs often have no or very minor imperfections, but can be identified by a ghost stamp on the bottom.


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Showing 1–12 of 351 results