X-Out Beta-Solid Hydrogen



Løft calls their factory seconds, Please Don’t Scrap Me!

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Løft discs is a brand new disc golf producer – and the first danish one.
“Our goal is to combine science and creativity in the design process of golf discs. We use computational flight simulations of virtual discs as a step prior to prototyping. This allows us to test large numbers of different models to find the perfect shape before producing the physical disc.”

Beta-Solid is the putting-optimized plastic. It is relatively stiff, but still with a great grip and a slightly tacky feel.

The flight of the Hydrogen is truly unique: Being a very low speed disc, it can hold an anhyzer for any shot between 30 and 90 meters (100 and 300 ft) without neither turning over or flattening out. Likewise, on a hyzer, it will hold the line without flipping up or hyzering additionally. Throw it flat, and watch it go straighter than any other disc you have ever thrown!


Hydrogen Flight Chart

Flight Information

Speed: 1Glide: 2Turn: 0Fade: 0See ALL our Hydrogens


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