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Enhance Your Grip with Our Premier Grip Solutions

At Marshall Street Disc Golf, we recognize the critical role that a solid grip plays in every disc golfer’s game. Whether you’re facing the morning dew, a sudden downpour, or just the natural sweat from an intense round, maintaining a reliable grip on your discs is paramount. That’s why we’ve curated an extensive selection of Grip Solutions, featuring top-quality products designed to keep your hands dry and your throws precise.

From Chalky to Non-Slip: Our Diverse Range Has You Covered
Our collection includes a wide array of grip-enhancing products, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect solution to match your needs and preferences.

Chalky Bags: Stylish, unique, effective. Chalky Bags are the way to go. Filled with a chalk and rice mixture, these clip-on bags leave a powder mist in their wake, and wick all moisture away. These bags poof, and last quite a while.

Mitten Bags: What shape could be better for a grip solution than a Mitten? These dry bags come in almost 60 different designs, all mitten shaped, and all dry.

Whale Sacs: A fan favorite, Whale Sacs are easily attachable to your bag and provide a quick, effective way to dry your hands before each throw.

Birdie Bags: Compact and efficient, Birdie Bags are filled with mostly sawdust, give big poof when squeezed, last an incredibly long time, and are so good at drying you might have to lick your fingers after!

Max Wax: For a solution that goes beyond the bag, Max Wax offers an innovative approach to improving grip with their patented Grip Wax. Max Wax provides unmatched tact, making them a must-have solutions for playing in the rain.

And More: Our selection doesn’t stop there. We carry many other dry bag grip solutions, each offering unique benefits to suit your specific grip needs.

Why Choose Our Grip Solutions?

Versatility: With products ranging from chalky bags to innovative waxes, our range caters to all preferences and conditions.
Quality: We stock only the best brands known for their effectiveness and durability, ensuring your grip solution stands up to the rigors of the game.
Performance Enhancement: A better grip leads to better control, accuracy, and confidence on the course, directly impacting your performance in a positive way.

Don’t let slippery grips throw off your game. Explore our Grip Solutions category today and find the perfect product to keep your hands dry and your throws precise. Whether you’re a casual player or a competitive athlete, the right grip solution can make all the difference in your performance on the course.


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