Special Stamp

Ah, the good old Special Stamps. If you like having the coolest looking discs, then you need to live here is the Special Stamp category. These stamps will have you looking like a 1000 rated player in no time.

These Special Stamps are going to help you set yourself apart from other players as well. Some of the reasons why discs find them selves labeled as Special Stamps is because of having a bottom stamp, a limited edition stamp, Huk Lab TriFly stamps, HandEye stamps, not having a stamp, being an old stamp, being a tour fundraiser stamp, or being a bar stamp.

There are a lot of possibilities, but trust me, these stamps are hot. I especially love no stamp discs. You can pull them out and play guess the mold, you can write on them, dye them, or just keep them blank. People will have to ask you what you threw. Blow their minds with what you made the “______” do.

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