At any given moment, we have a couple hundred disc golf hats from most major manufacturers as well as Huklab.

And the range of disc golf hats has expanded in recent years to include flat bills, various adjustables, trucker hats, hats with foam fronts and/or mesh backs, visors, beanies, snap-backs, flexfits. Then there are hat types that border on brand names: Cool Dry, Varsity, Pro-Dri Star, Timber Slice, Bar Logo, Pinstripe, and more.

Whatever you’re putting in your head is one thing, and sometimes that’ll be something you should be trying to hide. But hats are the opposite. Unless you’re covering up a bald spot, a tattoo that names your former spouse, or an early lobotomy scar, you’re wearing a hat to show off the hat, maybe its message, or maybe you’re simply protecting your head from cold or sunshine.

You know what we like? Wearing women’s underwear OVER our clothing, just to freak people out. This doesn’t have anything to do with hats, but you try writing 50 category descriptions with a mandatory mention of certain key words and let’s see what you wind up writing about!


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