Millennium Golf Discs was founded in 1995 by Disc Golf Hall of Famers John Houck and Harold Duvall. Since then, they’ve been the model of consistency.

Millennium changed the game in it’s own way in the mid 90’s when they introduced their premium plastic blends. Other manufacturers soon followed suit.

With the Omega putter making a name for itself, Millennium followed up with a series of distance drivers. The Polaris LS (Long Straight) and Polaris LF (Long Fade). They also added a couple midranges to the arsenal with the Sentinel MF and Aurora MF.

There are few people out there who understand the importance of accuracy and consistency quite like a world-renowned disc golf course designer. Thus, John makes sure only the most predictable discs bear the Millennium name.

We at Marshall Street question their consistency a bit, however, whenever we have to make a new product for the ever expanding list of “Run numbers.” I suppose the game is always changing, and the small tweaks may be necessary.

The emphasis of control over power is something that’s been preached to me since I first started playing. Unfortunately, I’ve never been very coach-able. Perhaps that’s why I don’t throw any Millennium.

You’ll find the standard “Innova Champion Discs” embossing on most of their discs because since their inception, Innova has played a huge role in manufacturing their discs.

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