Atomic Takapu, 1st Run

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Stable putter with a rounded edge and No bead that likes to flight straight with minimum fade!

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Stable putter with a rounded edge and No bead that likes to flight straight with minimum fade!


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1 review for Atomic Takapu, 1st Run

  1. Baysinger

    The Takapu is the 11th mold in the RPM Discs lineup and the 3rd putter. PDGA approved with the model number PA3, this disc is what lots of RPM fans have been hoping for, for quite some time. Before the release of the Takapu, the only putters from RPM Discs were the Shallow/Beaded Tui (understable) and the Deep Rimmed/Beaded Ruru (straight to stable). The new Takapu has a much more familiar feel in the hand for most players as it is beadless and has that P2/Classic Aviar type feel in the hand. When I first got my hands on the Takapu, I tested it out for putting in addition to testing it as a throwing putter. The Takapu has 100% made a place in my bag, but not as a putting putter. Not that it isn’t a great putting putter, I have just never had as much success with a putter than I have with the Magma Soft Tuis. With this being said, I didn’t putt bad with the Takapu whatsoever, it just wasn’t enough to knock the Tui out of that putter spot for me. This disc feels great in the hand and is great for both throwing and putting. I am currently bagging an Atomic Takapu for throwing. This disc isn’t beefy, but it definitely gets you that fade at the end of the flight that you are looking for in a stable to overstable putter. I can throw it hard with a bit of hyzer and it will flip up just a tad and still get that fade when it slows back down. Throwing it soft on hyzer, it is a perfect “get around it” kind of disc without having too much fade. This putter absolutely fills the perfect slot in the RPM putter lineup. Now we have the understable Tui, straight to stable Ruru, and the stable to overstable Takapu. This putter has definitely earned a permanent spot in my bag! If you want to learn more about the Takapu, please consider checking out this video:

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