Atomic Kotuku

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Your next go to overstable mid range!

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Kotuku is the Māori name for the White Heron which is considered a very rare and sacred bird in New Zealand.

Strata is a performance plastic which is opaque, tacky and medium to stiff. This comes in a range of colours, this is a good disc in the wet and breaks in nicely especially for those favorite putt and approach discs that you want to gently rock over. This plastic is similar to Innova DX with a nice chalky feel.


Kotuku Flight Chart

Midrange Driver

Speed: 5Glide: 5Turn: 0Fade: 2See ALL our Kotuku Discs

1 review for Atomic Kotuku

  1. Baysinger

    The Kotuku from RPM discs is their second most recently released disc. Following 8 other PDGA approved Disc Golf molds, the Kotuku has quickly become an absolute staple in my bag. Before I got my hands on a Kotuku, I was a Buzzz thrower. I have always loved the flight and feel in the hand that the Buzzz offers but after adding the Kotuku to my bag and replacing the Buzzz with it… I don’t even think about a Buzzz anymore. In my opinion the Kotuku feels even better in my hand and also offers more overstability. The Atomic Kotuku that I am bagging is an outstanding straight flying disc with a predictable OS finish at the end of the flight. The Strata Kotuku pushes straight longer but still veers off with some fade just before it is done flying. With both an Atomic and Strata Kotuku in my bag complimenting my Piwakawakas and Keas, I will never need another mid in my bag! Along with the outstanding flight and feel of the Kotuku, the stamp is absolutely gorgeous! This beautiful Kotuku bird (Great Egret or White heron in the US) stamp just sets this disc off to make the perfect Mid for my bag. RPM Discs absolutely knocked it out of the park (course?) with this one and the future for RPM is very bright! I can’t wait to see what RPM has in store for us next! But until then, grab yourself a Kotuku and I am 100% sure you will be highly satisfied with it!

    If you want to learn more about the Kotuku, please consider checking out this playlist with videos all about the RPM Discs Kotuku:

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