Players go insane for Legacy, a California upstart producing discs as beautiful and technologically advanced as the market leaders.

Disc golfing legends Steve and Bama Rico launched the company in 2011 with the Cannon and Rampage, two 2.5 cm max distance drivers that quickly climbed to the top of the flight chart.

In fact, Legacy’s Cannon and Rampage, right now, are the 1st and 3rd farthest flying discs on the InFlight Guide.

The Rico Brothers’ company, as of this writing (2/7/2018), has 20 models. All or almost all of these are made in a number of plastic blends, which include Pinnacle, Icon, Gravity, Protege and Excel. They keep expanding, though not at the rapid pace of Innova, Trilogy or MVP, at least in terms of new releases.

When Legacy finally released its frantically anticipated Outlaw in 2014, it broke our old website, which somehow didn’t have the capacity to handle that many orders all at once — the internet’s version of a Black Friday stampede.

I like their motto: Play With Confidence. I wonder how that feels.

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