Supercolor discs receive a full color print. This is very different than a Tie-Dye or a hot stamp. Supercolor (or DyeMax) lets you create an image in a program that you can apply to any disc. Most of the time, the Supercolor will go on a white disc. This allows the design to look very vibrant.

You will find discs from the following manufacturers in the Supercolor category: Dynamic Discs, Discraft, Latitude 64, Millennium, Vibram, and Westside. Unlike Tie-Dyes, Supercolors are much easier to find. You won’t have to spend an extra few minutes hunting your disc down. Another really cool thing is players love the matte white plastic most of these Supercolors are printed on.

They fly a little bit more overstable and have great glide. One down side of the Supercolors may be their distracting nature. Lets say you get one that has a picture of a doughnut or pizza on it. You pull it out of your bag to throw it, but now all you can think of is pizza and doughnuts. How can you achieve greatness when you have pizza and doughnuts on your mind. Now I want pizza and doughnuts.

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