Stencil Dyes

Much of this stunning work including stencil dyes, tie-dyes, and watercolors come from the fine people at Sweet Hat! Disc Supply.

And who is Sweet Hat! Disc Supply. It’s this guy named Adam Hassett — the Stencil Dye Whisperer — who lives in Worcester, Massachusetts, who dyes a crate of discs for us every couple weeks. Sometimes maybe every week.

We also had an interest in dying our own discs. We had a brief phase of spin-dying. We took apart a fan in order to devise a table that spun a disc, onto which we dropped dyes of different color. Patterns emerged, specifically the patterns of us not being good at it, making a mess, and wrecking more and more of our clothing.

During another phase we decided we wanted to do stencil dyes, so we got a plotter then never figured out how to use it. We foisted that plotter onto several people who seemed capable but who never got the thing to work, either.

Then we foisted said plotter onto Adam, and he figured out how to use it. His first efforts were pretty good. He was so inexperienced that he delivered his first batch still covered with sticky stuff. Adam explained he didn’t know how to get it off, and that he didn’t want to risk ruining the discs. I think we cleaned them off with Goo Gone, or nail polish remover that gets you high but not in a good way.

Then, all of a sudden, a couple batches later Adam shows up with new dyes and they’re really good, like Holy Shit! good, and ever since he’s been providing us with the lion’s share of our stencil dyes.

We also still have a nice selection of stencil dyes — almost always the iconic TriFly — from huklab. If disc golf has a secret symbol that most of us recognize and associate with disc golf it’s the TriFly. They’re always pricey yet they always sell.

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