MVP was founded by Brad and Chad Richardson, two Michigan disc golfers whose father happened to own and operate an injection molding company.

The brothers decided to become the first major disc golf manufacturer to make exclusively overmolded discs. (They’ve since added a couple single-piece discs to their arsenal.)

Taking advantage of having a ready-made injection molding plant, Brad and Chad founded MVP Disc Sports and began introducing overmolds in 2009 with the Ion putter, and in 2010 with the Vector midrange. They’ve maintained a blistering pace ever since, and have now 35 MVP molds and Axiom, its sister company, has 17 (as of this writing, February 16 2018). This is way too many models for the disc golf community to keep pace with, but the Michigan based operation shows no signs of letting up.

It’s product offerings include a full line of bags, practice baskets, clothing, and practically every disc golf accessory you can think of. Metal Minis? Check. Lanyards? Check. Fidget Spinners? Check.

The one thing MVP lacks is a team of world class players to throw their discs and represent their companies at major disc golf events. This summer, however, MVP is the title sponsor of the Disc Golf Pro Tour’s Maple Hill event. The MVP Open will be the name, and maybe soon some of the top 10 finishers there and at other big tournaments will actually be throwing MVP.

We tested a bunch of MVP discs, and as far as we can tell, they fly a lot like all the other golf discs out there. I think the biggest hurdle for experienced players switching to MVP’s overmolds is that they LOOK so different, and change is hard.

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