Tourney Stamp

You know, discs with Tourney Stamps. These discs can be from tournaments from all over! We have discs with Tourney Stamps from Pyramids, Maple Hill, Newton Hill, and some of the bigger tournaments from all over the USA.

One of the largest suppliers of our Tourney Stamp category would be the Ledgestone Insurance Open. Last year, our own Sam Henderson went out and competed in the tournament. This year, Sam will be returning along with Kyle Moriarty. Lets start taking bets as to who win take home the MSt employee crown for the best finish at Ledgestone.

If I were a betting man, I would put some money down on Kyle. I only say this because Kyle is a righty and Sam is a lefty. The Lake Eureka course is notorious for being extremely difficult for a left handed player. Ok, back to talking about the discs we are selling…

A lot of these discs are specially made for just tournaments, so they might be different than just any old mold. For instance, we were able to get a lot of “gummy” champion discs from Innova for our Newcomer’s Ball tournament we hosted.

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Showing 1–12 of 207 results