If we had subcategories for our Uncategorized, they’d be Umbrellas, Beverage Holders, Calendars, Books, Lanyards, most of our Aerobie products, Birdie Bags, Tripod Stools, Carabiners/Keychains, Wristbands, License Plates, Scoreboards, Sunglasses, Pencils, Gloves and several other odd items we still can’t categorize.

Each of these categories would have just a few things, and we’d have too many categories. So we put them all here.

It’s like a grab-bag of secondary disc golf stuff, much of it straddling the line between toy and sports equipment.

What can I say? We make decisions and pronounce them good decisions and wait to see how we feel in the morning, when we ask incredulously, “WHAT was I thinking?”

Remember, the fact that the world keeps spinning doesn’t mean we’re not spinning out of control.

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