When Quest launched its first discs in 2006, the Inferno was among the farthest flyers on the market. Its wing width of 2.1 cm (along with the Discwing Quarter K’s wing width of 2.3 cm) would expedite the trend toward wider-winged, faster drivers that peaked at the PDGA maximum of 2.5 cm.

In the meantime, Quest was experimenting with Dimple Technology, the notion that golf ball dimples would work on a disc, too. It also launched a gear-shaped disc called the Turbo Putter, and one with identical top and bottom called the Wheel.

The ideas kept coming, often outpacing the research and development behind them. There were plastic baskets, strange disc-carrying devices, and discs whose dimensions exceeded PDGA Approval. When the Chicago-headquartered plastic molding outfit came out with a beer-making system that incorporated a microwave, it appeared its focus had shifted inexorably away from disc golf.

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