Prodigy D5, 400


Understable distance driver with a big groove.

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Continued from SuperColor ESP Glow Buzzz.

The normalcy of this ultimate cross-dressing era became starkly apparent at one tournament where, low on laundry, I wore my 7th grade gym shorts to a tournament, which admittedly were way too small for me by the time I turned 30. And Becky, this wonderful southern belle who dated my friend Stick, couldn’t decide or maybe couldn’t articulate whether my shorts were the greatest or the worst fashion statement in history, while we watched one of the top teams sprint and dive and jump their way to victory in frilly blouses and colorful skirts that flowed below their knees.

A player running full-speed dove horizontally a few feet in front of us, snatching the disc inches above the ground, opening a six-inch gash in his nylons in the process. And Becky looks at me, looks at my shorts, and asks with apparent concern for my welfare, “Now Jayyson, you REALLY don’t have anything you can change into?” THE END


D5 Flight Chart

Distance Driver

Speed: 12Glide: 6Turn: -4Fade: 2See ALL our D5s


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