Dragon Line Da'E
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 Dragon Line Da'E

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This baby can crush. A very over stable high speed driver. Reminiscent of a Boss, Rampage or D2.

Here is where Da'E comes from: 大鹗 Da'E(a big cormorant)

420 li further northwest is a mountain called Zhongshan. The son of Mount Zhongshan called Gu who has a human face and a dragonís body. Together with Qinpi, he kills Baojiang at a place south of Mount Kunlun. Feeling wrathful, the God of Heaven kills Gu and Qinpi at a cliff east of Mount Zhongshan. As a result, Qinpi turns into Da'E (a big cormorant). He looks like an eagle, but he has black markings, a white head, a red beak and a tigerís paws. He makes a sound like a swan. Wherever it appears, there will be a major war. Gu also turns into a bird called Jun Niao, which looks like a sparrow hawk and has red claws and a strait beak. Singing like a swan, it has yellow markings and a white head. Wherever, there will be a severe drought in that place. óThe Classic of Mountains and Seas(山海经), Volume 2-The Classic of the Western Mountains DaE RedDaE Red2DaE Rim