Electron Envy, Firm

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The Envy is now available in 7 different plastics.

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Firm plastic makes for the best putters with a consistently clean release out of your hand and into the basket.


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Speed: 2Glide: 3Turn: 0Fade: 2See ALL our Envys

1 review for Electron Envy, Firm

  1. dannymorrow (verified owner)

    I do not putt with the Envy….yet. If the way it handles every other situation is any indication of how it putts then it may push my Warlock and Pilot into the backseat. The Envy is not as Domy as the MVP Anode or Atom but it feels thicker in the hand. It feels very substantial and comfortable much like the difference between using a Dewalt drill vs a Black & Decker (No offense to B&D but you know what I mean.) The Envy is fantastic off the tee with a gentle fade as it slows down. I found that if I cranked on it a bit it finished straighter. I do not have a jump putt to speak of, so where this disc excelled for me was the under 100ft upshot throw-ins. WARNING: The Envy can be like a devil on your shoulder. When my Nova was in my bag saying ” you gotta lay me up close, let me sit down and take your par” the Envy was in my hand saying “Don’t listen to that crap, you can drain this from here, who cares about that slope behind the basket, run it, run it!” You have been warned.

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