Pro D Rattler

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“I hate snakes.” – Indiana Jones

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Very accurate just like a ticked off rattle snake going in for the kill, except you are the rattle snake in this situation. This disc will help you extend your range from where you can hit putts.


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Speed: 2Glide: 2Turn: -2Fade: 1See ALL our Rattlers

1 review for Pro D Rattler

  1. dannymorrow (verified owner)

    The most dangerous utility/up-shot disc in my bang. For shots from approximately 100ft, this disc cannot be beaten. It has an almost non-existent rim and reminds me of something you would throw at the beach. It floats in, lands flat and sits down. As a bonus, you can whip this bad boy out and put with it if you want to intimidate everyone else on your card. Savage!

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